Hi. I’m Suzanne.  For the last 6 years, I’ve helped over a hundred people relieve chronic or postural pain using the Alexander Technique. I draw upon 11 years of mind-body awareness teaching and professional teaching, including- yoga, somatic meditation, personal training, teaching English in Japan, and teaching computer applications. I’m a dedicated meditator in the Shambhala tradition, and am currently deeply studying Tai Chi. I enjoy hiking, and am getting back into the visual arts starting with drawing. 

I had a private practice in Albuquerque for 6 years and am now offering my services in Taos. I give workshops and lectures at UNM, movement and acting studios, massage schools, and meditation centers. Many of my students are health professionals, artists, mind/body practitioners, meditators, business professionals, musicians, dancers and vocalists.

My path as a mind-body arts practitioner came out of my own search for ways to deal with unworkable habits, anxiety, stress, and ill-health. It started with body building, then I found yoga and meditation, which then led me to an Alexander Technique teacher. I found that I was doing yoga and meditation with the same habits that were causing me distress. With gentle hands-on guidance, my Alexander teacher led me through an experience of moving with ease, lightness and freedom. During the lesson, my physical pain and mental distress were gone. She showed me how I could undo tension, stress and painful movement patterns whether sitting at a computer, exercising, or even sleeping. My favorite part about the first Alexander Technique lessons I received was the feeling of self-confidence, embodiment and freedom of mind that they gave me. Not only was tension and pain dissolving away but I was finding more inspiration and energy to live a fulfilling life. The lessons were healing my mind, body & spirit. The lessons gave me knowledge and understanding for how to meet life’s challenges by choosing a new, healthier response, and thus began to understand walking in grace. 

As an AMSAT certified teacher (the largest organization of Alexander teachers) I completed over 3 years of full-time training-over 1600 hours.  My studies have included The Dart Procedures – using childhood developmental knowledge to understand the natural functioning and movement of children and adults. The training also encompasses respiratory and vocal re-education, which is how The Alexander Technique was originally brought into creation. I also recently trained to deliver the Technique in primary, secondary and collegiate schools by the teachers at the Royal College of Music in London as well as Educare- a primary school based on the Principles of The Alexander Technique.