Hi. I’m Suzanne. My background includes teaching yoga, somatic meditation, weight lifting and fitness, English in Japan and working in a professional environment at a computer all day. I’m a dedicated meditator in the Shambhala tradition, and am currently deeply studying Tai Chi. All of this contributes to my skills and knowledge as an Alexander Technique teacher.

I’ve been maintaining a private practice in the Uptown area of Albuquerque since 2016 and am opening a Taos location in 2020. I give workshops and lectures at UNM, movement and acting studios, massage schools, and meditation centers. Many of my students are medical professionals, mind/body practitioners, meditators, business professionals, musicians, dancers and vocalists.

I was born in fairly good condition, but many stressors began plaguing me early in my life and I developed a chronic disease (interstitial cystitis), neck and back pain, athletic injuries, TMJ syndrome, shoulder and wrist pain, sciatica, tension migraines, loss of vision, acid reflux, digestive distress, and chronic candida amongst other conditions. It got so bad that I thought that I would never have a steady career or be healthy enough to live a normal life.

Eventually, I got into meditation and yoga to deal with the pain. I taught yoga for a few years and found that although I enjoyed the teaching and the emphasis on health, I was in even more pain. This led me to an Alexander Technique Teacher who, with gentle hands-on guidance, led me through an experience of no pain and unbelievable freedom in daily activities. She showed me how I could undo tension, stress and painful movement patterns whether sitting at a computer, exercising or even sleeping. My favorite part about the first Alexander Technique lessons I received was the feeling of self-confidence, embodiment and freedom that they gave me. Not only was I becoming pain-free but I was finding more inspiration and energy to live a fulfilling life. The lessons healed my mind, body & spirit. I currently enjoy freedom from ill-health and pain and the knowledge to prevent it for life.

I received my training through a rigorous and disciplined full-time AMSAT (the largest organization of Alexander Teachers) Teacher Training Course. For 3.5 years, I trained almost daily – 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, for over 1600 hours. My studies have included The Dart Procedures – using childhood developmental knowledge to understand the natural functioning and movement of children and adults. The training also encompasses respiratory and vocal re-education, which is how The Alexander Technique was originally brought into creation. I also recently trained to deliver the Technique in primary, secondary and collegiate schools by the teachers at the Royal College of Music in London as well as Educare- a primary school based on the Principles of The Alexander Technique.