Hi. I’m Suzanne.  From a young age, I was interested in health, healing, and the mind-body connection.  An interest in creative expression led me to Film school at UT Austin. However, chronic pain and health issues eventually led me to a path of discovery of the various healing and kinesthetic arts. When I began Alexander Technique training, I found that the Principles of the Technique are the basis for creative expression, learning, and being a conscious, choice-making human being. That is why the famous music conservatories, theaters, and dance schools have the Alexander Technique as core curriculum.  I also found that these Principles were the key to undoing blocks in the body that affect well-being, to use thoughts to our advantage, and to prevent unhelpful recurrent thoughts, emotions and of course ill-posture. Thus, I found a bridge between health, healing, and creative expression. When the Principles of the Alexander Technique are learned and embodied kinesthetically, it permeates your life and every activity or hobby that you engage in. Thus I bring these Principles to everything that I teach. I teach workshops infusing these Principles with yoga and somatic meditation.

For the last 6 years, I’ve helped over a hundred people relieve chronic and postural pain using the Alexander Technique. I draw upon 11 years of mind-body awareness teaching and professional teaching: yoga, somatic meditation, personal training, English in Japan to all ages, and computer application training.

I held a private practice in Albuquerque for 6 years and am now offering my services in Taos. I have given workshops and lectures at UNM Albuquerque, at movement and acting studios, at massage schools, and at meditation centers. I have worked with actors, artists, wellness professionals, meditators, business professionals, horseback riders, musicians, dancers and vocalists. Everyone can benefit from this kinesthetic re-training. All ethnicities, genders, and orientations are welcome.

I continue my own exploration of the mind-body connection and art. I’m a dedicated meditator in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, and I am currently integrating Tai Chi principles into what I teach. I enjoy hiking, cooking, drawing, reading, and discussing inspiring topics of the day with my husband.

Did you know that there is a connection between Mr. F.M. Alexander and the early art colony in Taos? Mr. Alexander (1869-1955) was one of the two largest influences in Aldous Huxley’s philosophy and writing. Huxley took lessons from Mr. Alexander. Huxley wrote “Ends and Means” in a cabin in San Cristobal, which is filled with Alexander’s philosophy and work. Alexander taught the means to an end. Also, “Eyeless in Gaza” includes Mr. Alexander as a character in the book. 

My experience with my first Alexander lessons:

In 2012, when I began lessons in the Alexander Technique, I was teaching yoga, doing sitting meditation, Tai Chi classes, and exercising with a lot of tension, some visible and some invisible to myself.  I was frustrated that I thought I was doing everything I could to be healthy and have a level of freedom from stressors. What else was there? With gentle hands-on guidance, my Alexander teacher led me through an experience of moving with ease, lightness and freedom. During the lesson, my physical pain and mental distress were gone. Over time, I realized that I was doing all of my daily activities and cherished hobbies with the same habitual patterns of both movement and mental attitudes. My Alexander teacher showed me how I could undo tension, stress and painful movement patterns whether sitting at a computer, doing Tai Chi, or even sleeping. My favorite part about the first Alexander Technique lessons I received was the feeling of self-confidence, embodiment and freedom of mind that they gave me. Not only was tension and pain dissolving away but I was finding more inspiration and energy to live a fulfilling life. The lessons were healing my mind, body & spirit. The lessons gave me knowledge and understanding for how to meet life’s challenges by choosing a new, healthier response, and thus I began to understand walking in grace. 

As an AMSAT certified teacher (the largest organization of Alexander teachers) I completed over 3 years of full-time training-over 1600 hours.  My studies have included The Dart Procedures – using childhood developmental knowledge to understand the natural functioning and movement of children and adults. The training also encompasses respiratory and vocal re-education, which is how The Alexander Technique was originally brought into creation. I also recently trained to deliver the Technique in primary, secondary and collegiate schools by the teachers at the Royal College of Music in London as well as Educare- a primary school based on the Principles of The Alexander Technique.