For Employers:

Having an Alexander Teacher at your office or health fair is a great Wellness benefit to help your employees learn best practices to reduce job-related pain such as repetitive stress in activities or poor posture while sitting at a desk.

I will come to your business and offer affordable 15 and 30 minute private lessons at the employee’s desk or in a private conference room. Employees can pay per lesson or you can offer it as a wellness benefit or bonus. I am also available for group informational sessions.

Click here for a video by the British Medical Journal to learn about the benefits and cost effectiveness of the Technique

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For All Business and Medical Professionals:

Suzanne’s Story : I worked at a computer all day and developed TMJ syndrome, neck, back, and shoulder pain among other chronic conditions. Therefore, I switched jobs and started teaching fitness, where I developed various repetitive stress injuries and migraines from tension. Finally, I learned that it didn’t matter what job I was doing – sedentary or active. I was doing all of those activities with my habitual movement patterns. Then all of those pains went away through private lessons in The Alexander Technique. I learned how to go about daily activities while undoing my habitual patterns. Now movement and sitting is effortless. I have more energy! I have access to intelligence and creativity beyond habitual ways of thinking.

Individual lessons in The Alexander Technique helps you:

  • Improve your financial outlook:
    -Reduce healthcare costs
    -Improve career performance mentally & physically
    -Keep your job through working without pain
  • Improve your health and well-being:
    -Learn how to respond effectively to the stressors of life
    -Balance emotional weather
    -Improve respiratory and vocal functioning
    -Realize self-confidence and clarity
  • Improve your relationships at work and at home:
    -Improve presentation and speaking skills
    -Realize mindfulness and presence for deeper listening
  • Realize your highest potential:
    -Get in touch with your innate intelligence so that habits do not run your life
    -Realize creativity & unlimited possibilities

After a series of lessons, you will be empowered to take care of yourself for the rest of your life!

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