An Introduction To How the Alexander Technique Helps You Have a Long, Successful, Bodyworker Career
3 CEU’s – Open to Non-CEU participants as well

Sore thumbs? Elbow pain? Low back or neck pain on the job? Or looking to prevent these in the future? Are you healing others but feel your energy is sucked away, or excess effort is leading to job burnout?

When I was looking into becoming a massage therapist, I was told by a colleague I would have about 10 good years until my body fell apart and I would be seeking another career. This discouraged me from signing up. Now I know that our personal habits of using ourselves is the problem, not the act of massaging.

Self-knowledge is Self-empowerment!

This Alexander course is more than a body mechanics education. It is looking at your personal habits that you have developed over a lifetime that prevent the body mechanics you have learned from manifesting properly. In this course, you will experience at least 1 movement habit that is causing unnecessary tension in your bodywork, learn how these habits affect your client’s experience, how to undo the habits, and how Alexander teaches energetic boundaries to prevent energetic fatigue.

We will work in partners, fully clothed, and each person will receive individual gentle hands-on guidance from the instructor to become aware of unnecessary tension or movement patterns that interfere with proper body mechanics and energetic boundaries.

For students wanting to go more in depth into this work, I offer a one-on-one course where you can receive from 11 – 33 hours of CEU’s called The Alexander Technique For Bodyworkers: Undo Habits of Strain and Effort For A Long, Easeful, Bodyworker Career.

Instructor: Suzanne Powell is a 1600-Hr AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher also trained in The Dart Procedures-infant to childhood development. Her teaching is informed by 8 years of disciplined meditation and mindfulness personal practice. She regularly works with body and energy workers in her private practice helping them to prevent exhaustion and improve performance in their career and personal lives. She is also a 500-Hr Yoga Instructor, teaches iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation Lvl 1, and has been authorized in the worldwide Shambhala Guide Meditation Instruction Training.

Testimonials of the 3-hour workshop:

Suzanne’s approach is gentle and clear. It has helped me to remember to access awareness of my body at all moments to create more ease and efficiency in my work. – Erin Damour

This class helped bring awareness to my posture and habits of how I work as massage therapist. Very beneficial. -Marjorie Cambise

I thought the 80/20 rule was very informative. I tend to give 100% of myself to my client. It was beneficial to learn to focus on myself and my body. -Linda Chandler

This class has increased my ability to be aware of the mind/body connection and its subtleties. I was able to physically understand when my thoughts or body were tensing. I was also able to feel the difference while doing massage. The Alexander Technique helps to relieve tension on the joints, thanks. -Erica Roybal

Recognition of poor habits including thoughts and postures. Thank you for this fantastic workshop! Neck and pelvis awareness along with tension patterns to release. More grounding and establishing new neural pathways! – Ellen Rentfro

80/20 Rule helped me feel grounded and strong – Jolene Spencer

Mind and grounding. Call your workshop “Mind-Cantic!” – Vangie Redsteer

Because of the individualized guidance from the instructor, I am limiting this workshop to 8 participants, so please signup asap! Last day to signup is April 26th.

Location: NM School of Natural Therapeutics- North Classroom
Date: WORKSHOP IS FULL Sunday, April 28th from 10am-1pm
Price: $74 -tax already included, 3 CEU’s available

WORKSHOP FULL AS OF APRIL 9, 2019 Register here by making your payment with Paypal and then send an email to with your name, the email address you used with Paypal, and your phone number. If you would like to mail a check, email me or call 512-350-6294.

Limited to 8 participants – don’t delay!