Your Long-Term Pain Relief Solution Is Here – Read Why It Works


For long-term pain relief, you need to be able to rely on yourself to take care of yourself, right? The first thing you need to do to understand this process, is to begin noticing what you are doing that is causing pain or ill-health. You may already be well aware of this. You may say “I have a good idea what is causing my pain, but I do not know how to undo it or what to do instead.”

The way you use yourself affects the way you function and affects your structure. When I say “use yourself” I am referring to how you sit, stand, walk, breathe, see, hear, how you react to life situations, and even how you think.

For example, if you frequently pull your head back when standing up from a chair, this way of using your body will affect proper functioning of your musculature and body processes such as respiration and sense organs (sight, hearing, smell, etc.) And over time your bone structure will shift to reflect this use of your body. Conversely, if you change how you use your body in everyday activity, the bone structure and functioning of your body will change to reflect the new use of yourself.

When you are using yourself the way nature intended, your structure is intact and aligned and your body and mind can function optimally. This means that you can perform activities without pain, increase your mental performance and productivity, have more energy, and have the freedom of body and mind to live your life with mindfulness and courage to accomplish all that you desire.

How do you change how you use yourself? First, by becoming aware of the unworkable habits and tension patterns that manifest in your daily life and activities. Second, by learning how to prevent them from interfering with the natural way you were meant to function. And third, by learning how your body really works as an integrated whole.

Through a series of individualized lessons from a skillful Alexander Technique teacher, you will re-learn how to use yourself without strain for optimal functioning with gentle hands-on guidance and learn how to maintain this new, improved use of yourself for the rest of your life. Life can be easier!

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