Moving around in daily life can be like a day at the hot spring spa


Do you wish MOVING AROUND IN DAILY LIFE was as EASY as moving in a soothing, therapeutic pool of warm water?

I can tell you the secret to that ease, buoyancy and freedom of movement. After learning The Alexander Technique, I feel like I am walking around in a NM hot spring throughout my day.

Here are 4 things that manifest during a course of Alexander lessons that cause an almost unbelievable experience of ease in movement.

1-Joints have space within them so that the bones are lengthening away from each other as opposed to joint compression that causes wear and tear.
2-The skull and spine come into proper alignment so that the arms and legs are integrated and supported from the back making you stronger with more energy.
3-This proper whole self alignment creates buoyancy upwards thus creating a harmonious relationship with gravity.
4-The inner core stabilizing muscles learn to work well and effortlessly as opposed to the outer mover muscles doing a job they were not designed to do.

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