Demonstrating Modified Prone on the bed with pillows if needed

STARTS August 27th, 2020 Live Zoom Class or watch recording at your own time

The Dart Procedures: For Learning to Inhabit Your Body Fully

A Pre-requisite For Upright Posture Without Tension
We enjoy The Dart Procedures for:
  • illuminating scoliosis, hip and shoulder patterns
  • experiencing how the body works 3-dimensionally (spiraling patterns) using the eyes
  • meeting our thoughts which precede every movement which directly affect our musculature
  • realizing how to release into a full and complete resting position for better sleep and restoration
  • encountering muscular engagement patterns when beginning an activity or engaging with our world
Before our postural muscles can work easefully without unnecessary tension, for upright posture or any activity, they first must learn how to release fully. In this series, we will mostly be lying in a prone position, on the belly, experiencing and observing ourselves in very small movements. These positions tend to calm the nervous system to a degree more than we think we are capable of. It is a very gentle way to learn of our movement patterns and to be able to work with them on our own. It is also a great way to increase flexibility, balance and flow, and to decrease stress and tension. The Dart Procedures were created by Alexander Teacher Trainers -Joan and Alex Murray in collaboration with Dr. Raymond Dart-a famous anthropologist who helped his son with a developmental disability.
Please let your friends and family around the world know about these classes, especially if they do not have access to an Alexander teacher in their town. Everyone is welcome and there are no pre-requisites.
Live Zoom Course or watch the recording later (You do not need a Zoom account, it’s just an online link that I email you, and I am happy to teach you how to use it this week prior to the course.)

Dates:  Aug. 27th, Sept. 10th, 17th, 24th, Oct. 1st -Five Thursdays at 3pm Mountain Time Zone  (45 min. length)

To Register: Pay via card with the Paypal button below, and email me at with your name, preferred email address and phone number. Check your Spam folder if you do not receive my emails. You may also send a check for $107.88.
Email or Call With Questions: 512-350-6294
$100 plus tax for all 5 classes