Fluid Feet
Fluid Feet


STARTS December 4th, 2020 Live Zoom Class or watch recording at your own time

Whole Self Alignment Course: From the Head Down or From the Feet Up? Further Down the Spiral.

Bring Power and Strength to your Practice

I have heard from others that in the process of re-aligning their posture with the Alexander Technique some had felt like they had lost their muscular strength. Typically, this kind of muscular strength I see is an over-optimization of the parts of the body or an “un-optimized whole”. This means that in working to optimize the individual parts of the body, they have disconnected the whole – like body builders for example. Body builders have decreased their flexibility and are prone to injury when doing functional movements. Martial artists, on the other hand, are optimizing the whole. Every warm-up and movement they do uses the whole body and mind together – never isolating one part. Our body’s power and alignment comes completely from the way we train and practice. Using the Principles of The Alexander Technique and the Principals of Martial Arts, we gain power and strength through Whole Self Alignment.

Whole Self Alignment courses help you establish a healthful and balanced relationship with your body and mind through anatomy, awareness, and somatic experiencing. Finding balance in your posture means finding balance in how you think about your body; after all, mind and body are not separate. Through dispelling myths about how the body functions- by taking a look at anatomy, by experiencing the nuances of movement, and by acknowledging how it brings wholeness to the self – we can inhabit our mind and body more fully in order to reconnect with our natural wisdom and power.

In this class, we’re going to explore the feet, legs, and pelvis. In the Alexander Technique, we usually focus on the head, neck, and back relationship and allow the legs and feet to flow down from there. The legs and feet are extensions of the spine, so what happens if we take a bottom up approach? The fluidity in our feet tells a lot about the fluidity in our hip joints and on up. We’ll take a look at the spirals in the feet – supination and pronation. We’ll also experience what plyometric training and Tai Chi have in common with what The Alexander Technique is aiming to achieve in order to bring in power and strength to our movements.

Please let your friends and family around the world know about these classes, especially if they do not have access to an Alexander teacher in their town. Everyone is welcome and there are no pre-requisites.
Live Zoom Course or watch the recording later (You do not need a Zoom account, it’s just an online link that I email you, and I am happy to teach you how to use it this week prior to the course.)
(New Course Information is in Process of updating -Nov. 19, 2020)

Dates:  Dec. 4th, 11th, 18th,  -Five Fridays at 3pm Mountain Time Zone  (60 min. length)

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$100 plus tax for all 5 classes