FREE Class on May 15th at 11am

STARTS May 29th-June 26th, Consecutive Fridays at 2pm:

Alexander Technique and Somatic Education For Embodying Our Innate Positive Qualities and Listening To Our Inner Wisdom During Anxious Times

5-Week Course (Plus One Free Class)

The “soma” is the body as perceived from within. When you feel “butterflies in your stomach” “or “your heart bursting with light or fire” you are relating to your soma. These are spontaneous sensations, but we also have areas that are always available to tap into when we need their guidance and wisdom. When we consciously bring our attention to these wisdom areas and train our attention in them, we create a stronger, easier connection to access that wisdom in trying times. Since we are using the computer more to communicate these days, we will explore how we can comfortably use ourselves while using Zoom, and how we can prevent habitual patterns of use without hands-on, while learning how to work with with pain or discomfort. Each class will have a focus on one of the five wisdom areas of the body- these are positive qualities that are always here inside us, to help with resiliency during these anxious times.  As we make friends with the different areas of our body which exude our innate positive qualities such as strength, discernment, and contentment, we will feel more grounded, centered, open and joyful. And you may find that this awareness brings added meaning and ease to your Alexander Directions. 

The Free class on May 15th will set the stage for our exploration of the five wisdom areas. One of the topics will be how we think about activities we are engaging in including external versus internal motivation and how attitudes directly affect the body in action. How do we change our thinking so that tasks that we do are not a chore but a joyful way of being in the world?

Please let your friends and family around the world know about these classes, especially if they do not have access to an Alexander teacher in their town. Everyone is welcome and there are no pre-requisites. This course will bring a broader look at the Principles of the Alexander Technique through experiential guidance and self-exploration that will be different than the hands-on lesson curriculum. 

Live Zoom Course (You do not need a Zoom account, it’s just an online link that I email you, and I am happy to teach you how to use it this week prior to the course.) 

FREE CLASS: Friday May 15th at 11am (30-45 minutes)
Date: Fridays at 2pm May 29th to June 26th (45-60 minutes)

To Register: Pay via card with the Paypal button below, and email me at with your name, preferred email address and phone number and which class you are registering for. You may also send a check for either $107.88 for the whole course or $26.97 for one class. 

Register For the Free Class: Please email or call with the same contact information as given above so I can send you a link to the Zoom meeting. I will send a recording, if you can’t make the time.

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$100 plus tax for all 5 classes

$25 plus tax for one class