My daughter had been struggling with scoliosis that was severe and painful since the age of 10. In hearing about the pain relief experienced by Alexander students, and experiencing the calm, peaceful, and joyful presence of Suzanne herself – seeing her in situations move with ease and lack of pain; I became hopeful that she could help my daughter learn to be pain-free . Since Alexander lessons are comparably priced to more traditional modalities that had less than moderate results, I was hopeful to try The Alexander Technique. When my daughter had such relief after working with Suzanne, I became a student myself. Working with postural change and movement has helped me learn to move, stand and sit in a painless way. I have also found that as a result, I have more energy. Suzanne conveys terms well, is an outstanding teacher, and has always acted with professionalism. Both myself and my daughter continue to have lessons with her and have seen a vast improvement in our overall health.

-Fay Pepin, MS, MPAS, PA-C, Physician’s Assistant UNMH

I signed up for 12 sessions and was amazed at the results. My work as a reflexologist often triggered a long standing neck injury. Even after 6 sessions I had learned much about how I was carrying myself in the world and I had less pain. The awareness I was taught by Suzanne has allowed me to happily be in my chosen profession, pain free. I can highly recommend Suzanne Powell and her Alexander Technique sessions.

-Jill Sanders, R.Ph and Certified Reflexologist
Revolution Reflexology, LLC

Whole Self Alignment Stretch Online Class: “I had been having tight and painful right hamstring/sciatic nerve issues and had been trying to work it out. I found this class perfectly added to and supported my efforts. It helped improve what I had been attempting with stretching because it was a more mindful practice and was integrated with other mindbody modalities.”

Online Classes: “After having many in-person lessons before the pandemic, and experiencing the online classes that Suzanne has offered during the pandemic, I have observed Suzanne’s ability to “teach” us the techniques and to help us to be able to replicate the methods with the goal of helping us achieve similar results as a hands-on session would do. It is evident to me that teaching online has given Suzanne an avenue to teach deeper aspects of the practice giving me new depths of understanding of the body and the interactions and interplay of the physical and energy bodies. Suzanne has such a lovely knack for explaining it and using metaphors that really bring it home for me. I always come out of her online sessions having learned something about my body or about things that can happen that I didn’t even know needed to happen! All with attention and directions with my thoughts…!

Thank you very much,”

Helen Arenholz, Interpreter (Retired), University of New Mexico



I went to Suzanne because my intuition said I needed alignment and she showed up at a meditation retreat I was attending. I didn’t really have any expectations, so imagine my surprise when my feet — still a disaster even after surgery — started to feel better. My neck pain went away too. I can’t say enough about Suzanne and her teaching — while I’ve finished my lessons, the training stays with me. 

-Tamara Decker, Transcending Branding Coach

The calm presence of Suzanne as both a healer and teacher provides a safe space for letting go of tensions to begin the healing process.

-Maureen Wilks, Artist

The workshop with Suzanne was fun and informative and transformative. She embodies her teaching and tells wonderful stories that ease judgements of ourselves. Her interactive approach opened up new possibilities for finding greater ease, peace, and comfort in our bodies. We all emerged with practical tools to continue the journey. She’s a gem.

-Maggie Griffin, Yoga Instructor

I was blown away after my first lesson with Suzanne! I have experienced many different forms of work such as acupuncture and massage, and know how difficult it can be to find someone truly gifted in their practice. Suzanne is one of these people. I do believe the Alexander Technique is her calling! I have recommended many of my friends and colleagues to her. She has a calm presence and the patience of a saint!

-Patty Gillis, Artist and Caterer

No doubt the Alexander Technique has helped my posture.  I believe Suzanne’s gentle instruction for “neck free” has greater potential for alleviating my chronic neck and shoulder pain than any treatment previously prescribed by Orthopedists or Physical Therapists.

-Polly Owens, CPA

A Life Transformation Story/Testimonial:

I began taking Alexander Technique lessons with Suzanne Powell 6 months ago. I am 61 years old, have been a massage therapist for 30 years, and a yoga teacher for 5 years.

Growing up, I loved being physically active; playing sports, skiing, tennis, and bicycling. However, I was extremely uncomfortable in my body. I was skinny, long-necked, bow-legged, stiff and awkward. I had very low self-esteem. I was timid and nervous. I could never stand or walk for long periods of time because my lower back would start to ache. Because of this, I never managed to excel at any sport or be consistent with training. I was very weak. My shoulder and arm strength were poor, my legs felt heavy when I ran, and I had cramping in my liver and gall bladder when running.

In my 20’s, I received multiple injuries. I injured my shoulder bench pressing, and my shoulder never sat right after that. (I no longer have this injury after Alexander lessons.) I injured my knee bicycling, my neck from swimming, and sprained an ankle. After these 4 injuries in my 20’s, I got into the habit of chronically popping my joints to relieve pain, pressure and discomfort.

Chiropractic offered only temporary relief and massage, no relief. I was unable to be consistent with yoga. I see now that I was strengthening bad habits the way I was doing yoga.

Years of doing massage with poor body mechanics only amplified my problems. And then with aging, I got arthritis.


Granted, I was ripe for it. Through yoga, I was developing more and more body awareness which has helped with my Alexander lessons.

During my first Alexander lesson, while laying on the table, after Suzanne had moved my arms around so gently- it didn’t feel like she had done anything much- my injured shoulder began to feel uncomfortable and I wanted to habitually pop it. But I made the decision not to. Within 30 seconds, my shoulder made 3 painful settlings back into the table- like it was crashing through the ice. And when it landed, the pain was gone. I wondered if it had healed my shoulder. I had no more desire to pop it. It turns out that my shoulder had indeed settled back into natural alignment, after almost 40 years! But the funniest thing is that I forgot about that moment until a few days later while I was doing yoga and giving massage. It took some doing yoga and giving massage for me to realize that I was no longer thinking about or popping my shoulder, because it felt normal!

And so began the list of changes. The stiffness in my neck has improved so much and continues to ease. My arthritic thumbs from giving massage hardly bother me anymore. My pelvis is freeing up. The pain in my S.I. Joint is easing. My sciatica isn’t even there anymore when I drive an hour to Albuquerque and back for my Alexander lessons which would normally trigger it. And when I do feel S.I. Joint pain or sciatica, I have learned from Suzanne how to soften certain areas that release muscle tension and that relieves the pain.

My joints feel freer and freer. I realize its all about creating space in the joints. Upon doing so, the appropriate muscles start kicking in to do the work that are supposed to do, while the muscles around the joint soften to allow freedom of movement and flexibility.

I feel stronger and stronger. My once skinny thighs feel meaty as does my butt (I’ve always had a flaccid, flat and droopy butt.) I can see my tricep muscles engage for the first time in my life; and I’m not even doing as much yoga and bicycling now as I was before I started the lessons. I look at myself in store windows and I no longer look like a big, geeky weirdo! And I have a butt! My bowed legs are changing. My legs were always about 4-5 inches apart or more and now they are 1 inch apart. My knee, that hyperextends, causing pain, is no longer doing that. The muscles around the knee seem to be doing their job so that I don’t have to tense the supportive musculature in order to hold my knee into place.

And on and on it goes. I feel like I’ve been given my life back, or actually it’s more like I’ve been given the gift of life for the first time. And I’m so grateful to have it!

Throughout each day, my old habits are noticeable to me. I learn more and more about them and what brought me to them. I naturally inhibit the old habit and incorporate the new! I feel a general sense of well-being. And sometimes frustration and discouragement, but I notice the discouragement feels so old, like it was the discouragement that brought me into these habits long, long ago. All of this seems to parallel my mental, emotional, spiritual growth, openings, and unfoldings.

I now see that all my desires to be strong and active in my body (and mind) were impossible for me because my body had gone so awry in an effort to help me cope. And now, with Suzanne’s help, I am finding my way back. It really feels like an unwinding, taking me back through the feelings of helplessness and unworthiness that I had claimed as mine from way back, before I even have memories of anything else.

I so appreciate and love Suzanne. Thank you for helping me discover that I am capable of such passion.

In addition, the easiest and most natural time to practice my new ways of moving has been while I’m giving massage. Because of Alexander lessons, I feel like my body positions and movements are more ‘in line’ with my flow of energy, and that experience is passed on to the client. I watch Suzanne, sometimes, as she works on me. I see that what she does to me and what she gives to me is an extension of what she does and what she gives to herself. It’s like the ultimate expression of loving yourself and then loving others follows naturally. I see how she moves and how she passes her focus and freedom and deepening onto and into me. In my massage practice, I definitely work more slowly and more thoroughly and it feels very different – focused and connected. My clients, yoga students and friends often comment on a difference in me.

-Chose to remain Anonymous, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor